I consider myself a philosopher first, using the many forms of the arts as my mediums - from still and moving images to the written word to the musical. Here you will find several bodies of my visual work. 

I am always creating pieces conveying messages and themes - from breaking through our brainwashed culture in "33.1 InsiTions", to the examination of what it means to be "exalted." My intent in putting Jesus and Donna Summer looking orgasmic together is to show that there is a sensual Divinity in both.  

Using that as the example, in my latest work, I am sampling images. 

I cut, color and pixelize existing images to create new works of art that can been seen simply as abstracted color compositions, and/or, with or without, the addition of the relevance of the theme brought forward based on the subject portrayed - be it someone I revere or the beauty of a flower. They work as meaningful pieces as well as nothing more than jovial color charts. 

I like this paradox, this duality, the marriage of meaning and beauty - as well as the fact that they can simultaneously co-exist separately on one canvas which can be seen, 1, 2 or 3 ways, as determined by how the viewer sees them. It makes them engaged and creative. This is all intentional, though is hard to fully experience online due to the change in proportions. 

Whether serious or lighthearted, all of my work is meant to inspire thought, reflection, and even to a degree - imbue a sense of spirituality; or at least contemplation on the rhyme and reason of life.