As someone who is perpetually creating work, I do many styles simultaneously. I know this may confuse some people. "They" say, I am only supposed to do one. I can't. That's just not me. 

What you will find that brings all the different styles together are themes, observations, contemplations and provocations. I am attracted to, capture, and create work that is ripe with bittersweet melancholic beauty in many forms, including sex, trashiness, and grit, freedom and nature, fun, celebration, acceptance, love, joy, sorrow, understanding, sympathy, science, God, and, imbued with my perspectives on the meaning of life itself. 

I have been a rebel since I was born; from fantasising about designing race cars and rollercoasters to being credited with being one of the founders of the Club Kids when I was 16 - largely in part because of my unicorn shaped hair do. 

I like the job of being a provocateur. That seems to be my lot in life and I am happy to be it. I believe it propels contemplation which leads to insight and evolution. 

And I like to feel like I am being useful and providing service that does good.  

My life has allowed me to do both, in formats from fashion to nighlife to music to art to photography to events to TV production to film making to writing and lately even to creating and illustrating a children's book about the origin of the universe. 

I invite people in on multiple levels and I express my humanity through sharing my philosophy, my observations, my insights, my loves, my heartbreak, my sympathy, my longing, and even my body. 

And I encourage everyone to express theirs. 

I am always learning and always aiming to pass along what I have learned. I aim to spark a conversation, a debate, or even confusion.  

I believe that though we think we are very advanced we are still in our infancy. 

I see that reality, because I believe that if we were truly logical and sane creatures, we would at least understand that we cannot destroy our planet and expect to somehow survive.  

Yet most people deny this reality, so collectively we must not be where we should be in terms of insight, understanding and enlightenment. 

So much is the evidence for the existence of ignorance. 

This is why I feel, and think, and create work that is designed to awaken and inspire awakenness - which in my view can even come from everything from reading a book to the natural high of dancing. 

So how can I not want to act? How can we all not?   

I think we all should be bold enough and courageous enough to be willing to take the action to make a difference. Do you?